About Red

Music has been the one part of my life that has always stayed the same. Certainly my tastes have changed, my knowledge has increased, but it has never been anything less than a joy, a motivator, and an essential life force. It has taken on a crucial role in my topsy-turvy life, maintaining my emotional homeostasis even when I’m closest to completely losing it.

My decision to devote myself to music felt very unconscious, about as voluntary as deciding to breathe. My decision to write about music was more purposeful: thus, this blog begins. It’s about time I write a legitimate, full-fledged music blog, so here I go!

Here’s a bit more about me:

My name is Katie Carroll, and I’m going to be a fourth year at the University of California, Berkeley. I’m double majoring in Political Science (not my scene, it turns out) and Rhetoric (no one knows what it is, but it’s the coolest major in the world). And although I live in the Golden State, my head almost permanently resides in London, England: I’m a proud Anglophile, with a Tudor rose tattoo to prove it. As with music, I really don’t remember when I fell in love with the United Kingdom, but I’ve had British maps on my wall and books on my shelves since elementary school.

It’s no wonder that these two loves eventually intertwined; a few years ago, I was introduced to the wonderful world of English new folk, and quickly fell in love. English music in general has since taken over my life. I was fortunate enough to study in London during the fall of 2009, and I spent as much time as possible soaking up the music scene–and now I can’t wait to go back. Until then, I observe from a distance: reading about, listening to, and occasionally viewing English bands as frequently as possible.

This blog will be not entirely Anglo-centric, or purely folktastic, but you can expect a fair amount of Mumfords and Marlings, Flynns and Finks. This is your official warning.

Cheers! Katie

p.s. I’m also a singer (jazz, folk, classical/choral), a marketer (Director of Marketing, CalTV; former Paramount Pictures promoter; social media admin), a clothing nut (sales associate at Anthropologie), and a coffee/tea addict (former barista; lover of Ceylon 1 Teas; owner of an orange espresso machine).

I also tweet like a crazy person, so check out my jumbled twitter feed in the right column or click here.


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