Other Tidbits

I’ve posted some small things for the lovely blog For Folk’s Sake, which is definitely my favorite source for all things folk.

As part of their Joni Mitchell Week:
I fell in love with Joni Mitchell somewhere around age six. I was singing along to “Woodstock” long before I knew anything about the iconic music festival; I had no idea that the pigs referenced in “California” weren’t actually farm animals. All I knew was that these songs were beautiful and expressive, and they were my childhood. When I was about nine, I was able to attend one of her concerts (my very first!) at a massive venue in northern California. It was a bittersweet moment for me: the songs of her early days, those I knew and adored, were sadly absent from her set. Looking back, I realize that she was no longer the woman who had once sung of Chelsea mornings; Joni was someone who had lived, loved, and lost. In the twelve years since then, I’ve grown to appreciate her musical transformation—and that sense of emotional resonance, when you hear yourself in a piece of music, has only gotten stronger.

I also contribute to their New Bands Panel.


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