Make a Pledge!

Black Cab Sessions, with Noah and the Whale’s Tom Hobden

Fantastic singer-songwriter Emmy the Great has decided to cut out the middle man in record producing. Using Pledge Music, the quirky Londoner is raising funds for her second album by selling an assortment of items and events to dedicated fans. Emmy’s pledgers can bid on anything from signed CDs (£8) and tour postcards (£10) to guitar workshops (£70) and private gigs (in your living room for only £500!). Although they will only receive the items (and thus, be charged the pledge amount) if Emmy reaches her financial goal, pledgers will be able to access exclusive updates and contents as the album is in progress. This collaborative effort relies on fan support and social media rather than record label rigmarole–and Pledge Music even allocates a portion of the proceeds to several charities.

I can’t say it any better than Emmy already has, so check out her items and more here.


3 thoughts on “Make a Pledge!

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