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Hello all!

Although my blog is in its early stages, I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about, dreaming about, and loving English new folk music. If you also obsess over this particular genre (which you probably do, if you ended up here), please vote for my panel proposal for the 2011 SXSW Music Conference in Austin, Texas. SXSW is a massive festival divided into three parts: music, interactive, and film. The music portion features presentations covering a wide variety of music-related topics as well as concerts by up-and-coming artists.

Everyone from industry experts to music enthusiasts like myself can submit panel ideas to the Panel Picker. These proposals are then turned over to the public for voting–and that’s where I need your help.

Here’s a summary of my panel:

Clusterfolk: The Global Power of London’s New-Folk Scene
Once upon a time, several musicians met at a pub in southwest London. These folk-loving, banjo-toting wunderkinds began to play for each other and with each other; they met others of the plaid-wearing ilk, and developed what can now truly be called a ‘scene’. This burgeoning community, led by artists such as Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons, has found widespread popularity and holds the magic combination of authenticity and accessibility. With an astounding diversity of sound and style, these folksters are updating Englishness and spreading it across the pond.

More speakers will be added, but so far I have confirmed Lynn Roberts, the founder of For Folk’s Sake, and Kevin Jones, co-founder of the amazing club night and record label Communion.

Being able to participate in SXSW would be an amazing opportunity. I would really appreciate your help.

Please vote here. Voting ends August 27th.

Thank you!


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