This One Time, At Bandcamp…

The buzz of the day: Sufjan Stevens’ new EP, All Delighted People, is currently available, immediately and for a very reasonable $5, on Bandcamp. You can also stream the full album before deciding to purchase. Why is this interesting? Because the genre-bending songwriter Sufjan is giving Bandcamp some street cred as the new music publishing platform. Already being positioned as the most viable alternative to the long-reigning music giant Myspace, Bandcamp is generating considerable buzz for its streamlined technical structure (making the process easier for musicians and fans alike). Though Bandcamp is currently free, it makes no bones about eventually charging a percentage of artists’ profits–and rumors are swirling about Myspace exploring new revenue models, such as a paid subscription service. Even with a new music video iPad app and upcoming facelift, Myspace has some work to do to get its mojo back.

To read more about Bandcamp, check out their rather entertaining FAQ.


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