Artist Profile: King Charles

King Charles puts his own spin on Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” at his single launch party

The first time I saw King Charles, he was wearing a striped body suit and fur coat. His waist-length waves were loosely gathered on top of his head, and he took over the stage with the confidence of a bonafide rock star. This self-proclaimed royal certainly has the charisma and talent to take the music world by storm: his songs are genre-bending, catchy, and delightfully witty. Looking more than a bit like freak-folk king Devendra Banhart, Charles similarly dips into different musical styles and adds a healthy dose of psychedelia.

After a summer on the British music festival circuit, King Charles will be joining Mumford & Sons on their upcoming US tour–and yours truly will be right in front at the Warfield in San Francisco! King Charles is getting much-deserved buzz in the UK, and single “Love Lust” is starting to gain traction in the US as well. Like Mumford & Sons, the energy in his live performances is infectious. Start tapping your toes, and prepare for the king’s long reign.

King Charles – Love Lust by The Recommender


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