Artist Profile: Summer Camp

For a while, no one knew much about Summer Camp. As their dreamy tunes floated around the blogosphere, the band itself remained a mystery: perhaps they were a Von Trapp-style singing family brought back from the 1970s (see image above), or a Babysitter’s Club-esque group of friends who met at summer camp. Perhaps they were Swedish–Swedish bands are so hot right now.

Stool Pigeon unabashedly revealed the true identities of Summer Camp back in February, and they were found to be none other than Platform editor Elizabeth Sankey and the much-adored (particularly by me) musician Jeremy Warmsley. Jeremy is one of my most beloved English artists–although he’s been lumped in with the new-folk bunch, his songs span numerous genres and styles. I was lucky enough to see Jeremy on a couple of occasions, performing both with his previous band, Acres, Acres, and alone. His songs are complex and intelligent, unconventional and appealing, electronic, folk, and everything in between.

I look forward to hearing more from Summer Camp–the songs posted on their Myspace are ethereal and catchy (they also win my heart for their Brat Pack/John Hughes references). I think this may be the ticket for Jeremy, whose talent has long deserved wider audiences. This latest endeavor has a more commercial appeal, and is already being lauded by everyone from Pitchfork to The Guardian.

Keep following this band, because they’re already on must-listen lists on both sides of the pond.

‘Ghost Train’ by Summer Camp by seaninsound


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