M Magazine: Young Folk, New Traditions

Photo courtesy of Broadcast 2000’s Joe Steer. This is currently my computer background.

For Folk’s Sake founder and all around awesome person Lynn Roberts recently wrote an article for M Magazine about new-folk’s steady rise in popularity. Guess who’s featured in it? Me! Needless to say I’m pretty excited to be in print, but I haven’t actually been able to get my literal or figurative hands on the text until today.

Lynn traces the roots of the ‘new-folk’ movement (and, of course, challenges that categorization) from its early Bosun’s Locker days to its present mainstream successes. To read the full article, click here.

2 thoughts on “M Magazine: Young Folk, New Traditions

  1. Russell Carroll

    Hi Katie,

    My Dad sent me your blog a while ago and I just noticed that you had several mentions of Laura Marling in your tag cloud. What is your opinion of her music? I heard of her on a blog that once a week sorta reviews/mentions a new band/group etc. and have been meaning to check her out since then. Is it worth it?

    Hope you are well. How is Cal this semester?


    1. kredcarroll Post author

      Hey Russell,
      I think your dad is single-handedly keeping my blog afloat in terms of views! I’m touched that he’s basically sent the whole family over here. I LOVE Laura Marling to no end–she’s one of my favorite artists. She’s a gifted vocalist and lyricist, and I would absolutely recommend you check her out.

      Cal is good–last semester, which is completely terrifying. Like almost everyone I know, I have NO idea what I’m doing after graduation. What are you up to?


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