The Flowerpot Finds a New Home

The end of October saw the close of one of my favorite London venues, The Flowerpot. Owned by eccentric troubadour Beans on Toast, the cozy Kentish Town pub featured nightly free gigs and events. Due to the connectedness of Mr. Toast (he used to be Justin Hayward-Young/Jay Jay Pistolet’s manager, for one), prominent London acts from Mumford & Sons to Florence and the Machine have graced the venue’s small corner stage (it was also the location of the Vaccines’ first London show). I was fortunate enough to be there for Beans on Toast’s massive fifty track debut album Standing on a Chair launch party last year, which in many ways felt like a new-folk family gathering (guests included Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons and Justin Hayward-Young, and the event was even DJ’ed by Mama and Papa Toast). The Flowerpot really had a homey feel; if London musicians and friends ever had a sitcom, this would be their Cheers.

Unfortunately, some seemingly underhanded lease issues meant that Beans on Toast and company were forced to exit the mint green Kentish Town Road premises. While the announcements fervently swore that they would find a new location, it was not until today that the announcement was officially made. The Flowerpot is now The Wheelbarrow, and is located at 55 Camden High Street (NW1 7JH). Their launch party is this coming Friday, December 3rd, and features a live show by the band Hoodlums and a DJ set from Mystery Jets. If you’re closer to London than I am, check out the Wheelbarrow’s listings and head on down to the new location. And be sure not to miss Beans on Toast’s 30th birthday celebration on December 5th, featuring hilarious child genius Huw Olesker, Beans on Toast (and parents), and more.


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