New Song: Summer Camp, “I Want You”

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My aforementioned love of Summer Camp’s Jeremy Warmsley is validated by the fact that I also love Summer Camp. Although I’ve accomplished greater feats of mental/emotional self-trickery, it would be tough to keep my faith in Jeremy’s prodigious musical skill if his current band sucked. Thankfully, music aficionados the world over seem to agree that Summer Camp’s Young EP is a charming ode to 1980s low-fi nostalgia, filled with dreamy, catchy hooks and plentiful John Hughes references. Though Summer Camp is a far cry from Jeremy’s past life as a folk troubadour, the band (with the clear-voiced and lovely Elizabeth Sankey singing lead) rocks my socks. Or, perhaps more appropriately, my leg warmers.

“I Want You” is the first release off their upcoming summer debut album, and it takes a darker turn than their previous work. Gorilla vs Bear is responsible for what will surely be the most-quoted comment for this track: “sounds like 2011’s stalker anthem”. If that’s true, then stalking sounds awesome.


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