Emmy the Great Participates in International Women’s Day Festivities

Morning, world. I have a paper due in seven hours. I awoke at the happy hour of six AM to find a lovely update from Emmy the Great via Pledge Music about this week’s International Women’s Day festivities. Being both a) an Emmy the Great fan and b) a woman, I was interested.

For those of you in London, take note of the Emmy’s events this week:

“On Friday, we’re playing the Southbank Centre’s Women of the World festival. It’s our own show at the Purcell Rooms, and it’ll be the first one back since we finished the album.” Buy tickets here.

“As well as that, to reflect the festivals’ spirit of support between women, I’m curating an acoustic stage in conjunction with Storm in a Teacup. The stage is in their live zine factory on the 2nd floor of Southbank Centre, and the performances will be between 1-3pm on the Saturday (12th) and Sunday (13th). Each act performing has been asked by another artist performing at the festival. I’m pleased to have asked the most awesome, most bodacious Nimmo and the Gauntletts, Milla Traylen and Grace Petrie.”

She also participated in the launch of Annie Lennox’s EQUALS project at Southbank Centre earlier this afternoon (or, for me, in the wee small hours of the morning). Props to Emmy for just being awesome, and supporting a great cause. In other exciting news, the new album has been recorded and fully funded. I’m anxiously awaiting a release date!


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