New Video: Noah and the Whale’s “Tonight’s the Kind of Night”

Click here for the new video for Noah and the Whale’s “Tonight’s the Kind of Night” (stupid Vevo won’t let me embed it). I’ll refrain from comment (for now), but I’d just like to show a bit of their video evolution. Given Charlie’s fondness for filmmaking, this has been a pretty big part of the band’s identity. This latest video is another Fink-directed piece, but seems to feature the same glossier, bigger-budgeted vibe as the album itself.

I’ve always loved this “Shape of My Heart” video. It typifies their Wes Anderson-influenced early style.

Embedding for their “5 Years Time” video has been disabled by request, but we all know it as the indie cutefest featuring Charlie and Laura. It’s still adorable, but definitely a teeny bit awkward at this point.

Here’s a trailer for their film, The First Days of Spring. This accompaniment to the album is beautiful both emotionally and visually.

This scene from the film makes more sense of “Love of an Orchestra”, and features the coolest old man ever. Even though the character is committing suicide, it is the film’s most uplifting moment.

Noah and the Whale isn’t constricted by categorization–the band genre hops with apparent ease. It seems to me, though, that this third work is devoid of the quirks and sentiments that made the first two albums interesting. I respect Charlie’s desire to look at the world as if through a camera lens, but the series of vignettes do not step out of the realm of cliche by a few added details (however well-written). Especially when juxtaposed with their poignant sophomore album, Last Night On Earth feels especially vacuous.

“Tonight’s the Kind of Night” is filled with that stock American imagery that has lost its emotional force through the countless retellings. Fink’s video may look lovely and polished, but it adds nothing new to the tale of a wide-eyed boy grabbing a Greyhound to The Big City, USA. It almost feels like Charlie and company already followed the boy’s inevitable path: they ventured to LA and lost their sense of self.


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