Bombay Bicycle Club Unveil First Single from Third Album

Bombay Bicycle Club likes to switch it up. After the success of I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose, they released a folk album (Flaws) that proved they could sing whatever the hell they wanted and it would be pretty darn fabulous. Judging by this first single, “The Shuffle”, album number three seems closer to BBC’s acclaimed debut, but not by much. We’ve already heard “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”(just because it was on the Twilight soundtrack doesn’t mean it’s not great), and it finds a mellowed, sparkly middle ground between rock and folk. “The Shuffle”, likewise, smooths out the band’s rocky edges and adds some synthy goodness. It’s a departure for the genre-bending quartet from Crouch End, and I suspect will lead to major success on both sides of the pond. I know I’m already hooked.

NME has a first track-by-track guide to A Different Kind of Fix here. It will be released in the UK via Island Records on August 29th.


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