Summer Camp Announces Debut Album Through PledgeMusic

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement (or broken record), I’m pleased to announce that Summer Camp is the next great band to fund their album through PledgeMusic. Emmy the Great’s Virtue, which was also funded entirely by fans using the site, was released on June 14th in the US.

Summer Camp has given pledgers some pretty tasty options for contributing to their debut. Not only will pledgers get to download the album early and receive exclusive updates on its progress, they can purchase anything from a mix CD made by the band to an acoustic set via Skype to a dinner party hosted by Elizabeth and Jeremy themselves.

A percentage of the proceeds will also be donated to a charity called Shelter from the Storm, the only homeless shelter in London that is open year-round and receives no government funding.

Here are just some of the other crazy/awesome items you can buy to support the pre-release campaign:
Signed Jeremy Warmsley acoustic EP (clearly I’m cool, because I already own this)
Homemade fanzine, ‘Condale’, about the Los Angeles suburb
Jeremy sends you one of his books, and 25% of the money from this pledge will go to Read International
A batch of Elizabeth’s brownies
Pledgers-only concerts and film nights (London and/or LA)
A postcard from the band every month for a year
Songwriting workshop, or production advice from Jeremy on one of your tracks
Summer Camp performs on your song
Summer Camp writes a song about you
They’ll record one of their songs in French for you
Elizabeth will record an audiobook for you

…and so much more.


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