Benjamin Francis Leftwich Review at Thank Folk for That

I just started writing for Thank Folk for That, an excellent source of info for all things folk. These guys are WAY better than I am about updating, that’s for sure.Here’s a snippet to my first review, of Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm. Click the link below for the rest.

“Benjamin Francis Leftwich may only have one trick up his sleeve, but it’s a successful one. He exhibits an unwavering devotion to low-tempo acoustic numbers; even his covers, which have generated a fair amount of blogosphere buzz, have transformed songs like Arcade Fire’s pulsing “Rebellion (Lies)” into quiet contemplations. Those looking for energetic folk romps à la Mumford & Sons will not find any on the York singer’s debut, Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm, but they will find an enchanting set of low-key tunes. The album is understated and heartfelt, a cohesive collection that fits very well in the world of earnest, breathy folk.” Read more


4 thoughts on “Benjamin Francis Leftwich Review at Thank Folk for That

  1. Karen

    Hey, Katie! I discovered your blog through the RRT Oakland discussion group back in April and love learning about all these great artists across the pond! I just returned from a 3 week trip to London (and thereabouts) where I saw and heard as much live music as possible – mostly artists associated with Communion. Thank Folk For That looks like it will be another great resource for new folk music – thanks for what you do! Can’t wait to share all the new music I collected in the UK with folks here in AK…I produce/host a weekly radio show on community radio in Girdwood, AK.

    1. kredcarroll Post author

      Hey Karen! I have indeed seen you all over the RRT group. 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog, and that’s awesome that you got to see so many artists in the UK. Who’d you see?

      1. Karen

        I started out by going to a little club night to see 3 bands I hadn’t heard of, but trusted that Communion wouldn’t steer me wrong: Daughter, Big Deal, and Cloud Control. Indeed, they were all fantastic. I also saw Marcus Foster and Foy Vance; the Mumford show at Hyde Park which included The Vaccines, Beirut, Owen Pallet, and Arcade Fire; Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) over in Brighton; Stu Larsen, an Australian who opened for Mike in Brighton; and then a couple of American bands: The Avett Brothers and The Tedeschi Trucks band. A great mix of big and small venues and a variety of sounds!

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