News: Bombay Bicycle Club Turns Pacman, the Head and the Heart Release New Video

The band’s website says it all: “have you felt like something’s been missing from your life recently? well you can stop worrying now, because the bombay bicycle club pacman game is finally here.”

Yep. Bombay Bicycle Club Pacman. The guilty pleasure you never knew you needed. It’s genius, really–not only does the game release clips from new songs (off August 29th’s A Different Kind of Fix), high scores enter you in a contest for a 7″ single of “Evening/Morning” and signed album artwork. The deets are on the graphic above.

I suck at Pacman, but it’s a fun way to hear a bit of music. At least in the 10 seconds before I get killed by Jack, Ed, and Jamie ghosts. BBC will be on the East Coast for a few dates in September–check ’em out here.

And take a look at the trippy new video for the Head and the Heart’s “Cats and Dogs”.


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