Summer Camp Announces First UK Headline Tour

Some of you know that I’m visiting the mother ship (England) at the end of October/beginning of November. I’d love to meet people over there! Let me know if you’re interested in meeting someone who looks like she comes from your country but has an annoying American accent.

Anyway, Summer Camp has just announced dates for their first-ever headline tour–and it starts the day I leave. Massive bummer. But hopefully some of you can catch these shows, and I can live vicariously:

Lancaster Library – November 09
Liverpool Mojo – November 10
Newcastle The Dog & Parrot – November 11
Leeds Constellations Festival – November 12
Southampton Joiners – November 14
Oxford Jericho Tavern – November 15
London Efes Pool Hall – November 17 (support from Theme Park)
Canterbury Farmhouse- November 18 (support from Theme Park)
Brighton Green Door Store – November 19 (support from Theme Park)

By the way: their album is out October 31st. Woohoo!


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