New Releases from Kurt Vile and Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Both Bonnie “Prince” Billy (Will Oldham) and Kurt Vile have new albums coming out. The folk royal has Wolfroy Goes to Town slated for an October 4th release, and will be touring Europe and North America (check dates here). Here’s the track listing:

1. No Match
2. New Whaling
3. Time to Be Clear
4. New Tibet
5. Black Captain
6. Cows
7. There Will Be Spring
8. Quail and Dumplings
9. We Are Unhappy
10. Night Noises

Kurt Vile will be releasing a six-track EP, So Outta Reach, on November 7.
You can download “The Creature” here (thanks Matador). Don’t forget to catch Mr. Vile at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass–I’m stoked.

Track list:
1. The Creature
2. It’s Alright
3. Life’s A Beach
4. Laughing Stock
5. Downbound Train
6. (so outta reach)


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