WTF? Cover of the Day

This came out four months ago, but I missed it; I think I was on a plane, heading to the motherland. This is a case of ‘better late than never’, though, because Noah and the Whale covering Robyn is too weird to miss. It’s not that it doesn’t work–eventually the band gets into a groove–but it’s just such an odd juxtaposition. It’s weirder than when they and the Vaccines covered Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” (second track below). Enjoy the weirdness.

Noah and the Whale, “Call Your Boyfriend”

Noah and the Whale feat. the Vaccines, “Where Is My Mind?”

And check out my holiday music recs on the Owl Mag too. It features the For Folk’s Sake Christmas album, Emmy the Great, Anya Marina, and more.

Christmas music: seasonal highlight or necessary evil? Whatever your opinion on the overall genre, some songs definitely are better than others. If you’re having a holiday party and want to update your playlist, here are some great new tunes—with as few references to fat, bearded men as possible. You’re welcome. (Read the rest here.)


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