Better late than never! Laura Marling review

Remember how I reviewed Laura Marling’s third album, A Creature I Don’t Know? Or her fantastic gig with Alessi’s Ark at Bimbo’s? Yeah, me either. One of my new years’ resolutions is to be better about reviewing the things I say I’ll review.

Thankfully, I got a second chance with Ms. Marling’s acclaimed album. It posted on Mxdwn a few days ago. Here’s an excerpt, and click to read more.

Laura Marling began her 2011 Brit Award acceptance speech with an introduction. Heralded on stage by Boy George, the shy 21-year old squeaked “Hello, I’m Laura” before thanking her fans and walking off in stunned silence. She did scoop the title of Best Female Solo Artist from megastar Cheryl Cole—so the shock was understandable.

If the British public didn’t know Laura’s name then, they certainly do now. The petite songwriter seems to have come to that realization as well, as last year’s A Creature I Don’t Know is her most confident album yet. Though still marked by the world-weariness that made her stand out at sixteen, this third offering is assertive, complex, and unabashedly experimental… (Read more.)


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