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Video: Alessi’s Ark, “Wire”

Time Travel, the sophomore album of folkstress Alessi’s Ark, is due via Bella Union April 25th. In anticipation of the release, Alessi is giving away her lovely first single, “Wire”, a warm and contemplative reflection on relationships and loneliness (“I feel lonely/ My friends don’t seem to know me/ Like I thought they did”). The always-adorable Laurent-Marke seems to have lost none of her charm (like she could!) but gained some worldly wisdom and even weariness. “Wire” is a perfect blend of her trademark whimsy and grounded emotional expression. The video, directed by the quirky and talented Anika Mottershaw, strikes a similarly poignant balance between quaint innocence and bittersweet maturity.

In her time since recording Notes from the Treehouse, Alessi has switched labels, released an EP, and toured across the globe. If “Wire” is any indication, Time Travel seems like it will be a sophisticated account of her experiences and personal growth.

Treefight for Sunlight Signed to Bella Union

I’m violating all my rules today. Not only do I have an explicit ‘no new music while paper writing’ rule, the band I’ve chosen to listen to and write about isn’t English and isn’t folk. Yet, being a bleeding heart, protest-loving Berkeley student, I have developed a slight ‘rules are for wussies’ outlook. Thus, I encourage you to check out Bella Union’s latest addition, Treefight for Sunlight. Your ears will tell you they hail straight from the California coast, and perhaps are the children of members of the Turtles or the Zombies. In fact, however, the band is from Copenhagen–adding to the list of California-esque bands not from the Golden State.

Download fantastic single “What Became of You and I” below, and prepare to listen to it on repeat. All day.

Treefight For Sunlight – What Became of You and I by Bella Union