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Aboot Time for a Vacation

Most people go to places like Maui or Italy during the summer. They lounge by the pool, work on their tans, and drink pink things with umbrellas in them. But I’m not ‘most people’–for one, I have no tan to speak of and no amount of sun exposure will change that. Two, they probably book their summer trips more than a week in advance.

I’m still stoked for my last-minute, much-needed vacay, which sends me to the Olympic winter wonderland of Whistler. While there will obviously be no skiing, there will be plenty to do in the beautiful, mountainous outdoors. Now I just need to sync up my iPod and mentally prepare for the harrowing flight up north (flying from SFO to Seattle is not particularly treacherous, but for me all flights require a heavy dose of anti-anxiety meds).

Why am I mentioning all this? Two reasons. One, I’ll be largely off the grid, so don’t expect posts or my usual quick responses to things (although I may shoot out a post or two if I find decent wifi). Two, I’m honoring the trip with my a new Spotify playlist. I’m calling it, appropriately, “Whistler While You (Don’t) Work”. It features both Canadian artists and songs involving whistling. And no, Justin Bieber is not on it.

Whistler While You Work

My First Spotify Playlist

It’s taken me a bit to get going on Spotify. I’m currently enjoying the benefits of the free service, and so far I’m liking it. I can see why so many people switched to the paid service within a couple days, though–I want to use it on my damn phone!

In honor of the fact that Klout was giving out free Spotify accounts (it crashed the site, but that’s another story…), my first Spotify playlist is related to something about which Klout thinks I’m influential: fitness. Apparently I tweet more about the gym than I thought I did, and I suspect most of it has to do with my admittedly unorthodox workout tunes. Yes, I have the requisite Gaga, but I also have the Mariner’s Children, Bob Dylan, and Tune-Yards. Probably not typical.

To jam with my weird-ass workout music, check out my rather substantial Spotify playlist here. And I promise, the Lowly Knights really do provide good elliptical tunes.

Also, check out the new Girls single, “Vomit”, here. It’s great and gives me massive San Francisco pride. Local bands represent!