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New Beirut Single, “East Harlem”–Because It’s Just Too Good Not To Post

Beirut, “East Harlem”.

Fast-paced as the blogosphere is, today’s release of Beirut’s new single is practically old news. Obsessive Twitter hounds like myself first saw “East Harlem” bubble up with the band’s announcement last week, but today comes with even more exciting info about their new album.

The Rip Tide will be released August 30th on Pompeii Records (Zach Condon’s label), and Revolver in the US. Here’s the track list:
1. A Candle’s Fire
2. Santa Fe
3. East Harlem
4. Goshen
5. Payne’s Bay
6. The Rip Tide
7. Vagabond
8. The Peacock
9. Port of Call

Stream the B-side for “East Harlem”, “Goshen”, here.