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Summer Camp Release ‘Welcome to Condale’ Zine, Free Download from the Moth & the Mirror

Summer Camp is gearing up for the release of their first LP, Welcome to Condale, and have released a zine of the same name. The album is somewhat of a tribute to 1980s teens growing up in the LA suburb, and the zine is a pretty impressive encapsulation of that vibe. Read it at The 405.

The band also has a new website with lots of background info on the album. It was designed by Kissinger Twins, who directed their wonderful “Better Off Without You” video.

Welcome to Condale will be released November 7th in the US (and October 31st everywhere else), and I’m already expecting to be wowed. And I was sure wowed by Elizabeth’s brownies! Damn.

The Moth & the Mirror are a new Scottish supergroup, comprised of: Stacey Sievwright from The Reindeer Section and Arab Strap (vocals/guitar), Gordon Skene from Frightened Rabbit (guitar/vocals), Louis Abbott from Admiral Fallow and Song of Return (guitar/vocals) Kevin McCarvel (bass), Iain Sandilands (percussion) and Peter Murch (drums). They’ve got debut album Honestly, This World also coming out November 7th via Olive Grove Records–or you can buy it on their Bandcamp now.

Check out a remix of single “Germany” below.

Crazy Week for New-Folk!

As many of you likely know, this is a crazy week for new-folk, English music, and just music in general. It feels like there have been a billion album releases: Laura Marling, St. Vincent, Slow Club, Peggy Sue, Blitzen Trapper, Girls. I’m still working through reviews, but here are a couple I’ve gotten out recently, followed by some news bits and bites.

Slow Club, Paradise (Thank Folk for That)
Slow Club’s debut album, Yeah, So, is indie-pop perfection. It’s just the right mix of sincerity and whimsy; sweet without being cloying, heartfelt without being trite. Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson captured the topsy-turvy spirit of post-adolescence, from bubbly songs about broken hearts to wistful tunes about new relationships. I figured Slow Club’s follow-up would be more of the same: a little older and wiser, perhaps, but full of their signature folk-pop duets. They’d done so well the first time around, I couldn’t think of any reason to tamper with such a charming formula.

I was dead wrong. One spin of Paradise proved that this sophomore effort is not only different, it’s so much better. Rebecca and Charles have moved far beyond adolescence, switching spunky folk for sophisticated pop. Elements of their earlier sound are certainly present, but even those are more mature: think of songs like Hackney Marsh as I Was Unconscious, It Was a Dream, version 2.0. If Yeah, So was the perfect encapsulation of one phase of life, Paradise shows that same lyrical sensibility in this new one. (Read the rest.)

Dawes, Nothing Is Wrong (For Folk’s Sake)
As the only Californian on the For Folk’s Sake writing roster, I felt it was my duty to grab Nothing Is Wrong by Dawes. Not only are they from Malibu, an oceanside haven near Los Angeles, but they sound more Californian than most other bands from the Golden State. The quartet draws inspiration from the Laurel Canyon music scene (which historically includes such musicians as Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills, & Nash), and even named their 2009 debut North Hills. Their sophomore effort still gives a nod to their esteemed SoCal heritage, but moves far beyond homage or imitation – Nothing Is Wrong is truly, and magnificently, their own. (Read the rest.)

Catch Laura Marling performing “The Muse” on New York’s KFUV:

Florence and the Machine have also announced details about their sophomore album, Ceremonials. Here’s the track listing:
‘Only If For The Night’
‘Shake It Out’
‘What The Water Gave Me’
‘Never Let Me Go’
‘Breaking Down’
‘Lover To Lover’
‘Seven Devils’
‘Leave My Body’
‘All This And Heaven Too’
‘What The Water Gave Me’

Peggy Sue have released a video for “Song and Dance” off their new album Acrobats. Though out in the UK as of yesterday, Peggy Sue fans in the US have to wait until October 25th for the Yep Roc release.

Peggy Sue – Song & Dance from Wichita Recordings on Vimeo.

And finally… Summer Camp have released an adorable video for “Better Off Without You”. This is the first video where we actually get a glimpse of Jeremy and Elizabeth, and it’s a charming mix of modern and 80’s footage. And it starts with “Welcome to Condale”, a nod to their fanzine of the same name (and the LA suburb where a lot of their songs take place).

Summer Camp New Track: “Better Off Without You”

Merci, Gorilla vs. Bear, for posting Summer Camp’s new track. If “I Want You” is the dark tale of a stalker who won’t give up, “Better Off Without You” is the happy realization that there are other girls out there. Or maybe it sounds so perky because they’ve been snacking on Elizabeth’s brownies. (If you’re a Pledger, you can see a video of her scientific brownie-baking process.)

Summer Camp Announces Debut Album Through PledgeMusic

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement (or broken record), I’m pleased to announce that Summer Camp is the next great band to fund their album through PledgeMusic. Emmy the Great’s Virtue, which was also funded entirely by fans using the site, was released on June 14th in the US.

Summer Camp has given pledgers some pretty tasty options for contributing to their debut. Not only will pledgers get to download the album early and receive exclusive updates on its progress, they can purchase anything from a mix CD made by the band to an acoustic set via Skype to a dinner party hosted by Elizabeth and Jeremy themselves.

A percentage of the proceeds will also be donated to a charity called Shelter from the Storm, the only homeless shelter in London that is open year-round and receives no government funding.

Here are just some of the other crazy/awesome items you can buy to support the pre-release campaign:
Signed Jeremy Warmsley acoustic EP (clearly I’m cool, because I already own this)
Homemade fanzine, ‘Condale’, about the Los Angeles suburb
Jeremy sends you one of his books, and 25% of the money from this pledge will go to Read International
A batch of Elizabeth’s brownies
Pledgers-only concerts and film nights (London and/or LA)
A postcard from the band every month for a year
Songwriting workshop, or production advice from Jeremy on one of your tracks
Summer Camp performs on your song
Summer Camp writes a song about you
They’ll record one of their songs in French for you
Elizabeth will record an audiobook for you

…and so much more.

New-Folk Round-Up: News from the Vaccines, Emmy the Great, Elizabeth Sankey, and Benjamin Francis Leftwich

It’s been a big week for some new-folk staples (even though Justin Young of the Vaccines has abandoned his singer-songwriter roots, he’ll always have a place in my heart). The rock band made their US television debut on the Late Show with David Letterman performing “If You Wanna”, and released their new music video, “All In White” (check it out here). Their highly anticipated album, What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?, will be available May 31st.

Emma Lee Moss (Emmy the Great) and Elizabeth Sankey (the lovely vocalist of Summer Camp) have formed a new band called Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield–yep, named after the Sweet Valley High twins. Though there isn’t much info about the group yet, Wears the Trousers found a Youtube video of their first live performance. The two are also on Twitter as @WakefieldJess and @WakefieldLiz.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich is getting ready for the July 4th release of his album Box of Stones. His music video for the single of the same name came out earlier this month, and the first 1000 people who preorder the album at HMV will receive a special signed version.

Those are all the bits and pieces of news I have at the moment. I’m getting pumped for Noah and the Whale’s first of two San Francisco shows tonight–stay tuned for a review.

New Song: Summer Camp, “I Want You”

Photo courtesy of flabbn.com.

My aforementioned love of Summer Camp’s Jeremy Warmsley is validated by the fact that I also love Summer Camp. Although I’ve accomplished greater feats of mental/emotional self-trickery, it would be tough to keep my faith in Jeremy’s prodigious musical skill if his current band sucked. Thankfully, music aficionados the world over seem to agree that Summer Camp’s Young EP is a charming ode to 1980s low-fi nostalgia, filled with dreamy, catchy hooks and plentiful John Hughes references. Though Summer Camp is a far cry from Jeremy’s past life as a folk troubadour, the band (with the clear-voiced and lovely Elizabeth Sankey singing lead) rocks my socks. Or, perhaps more appropriately, my leg warmers.

“I Want You” is the first release off their upcoming summer debut album, and it takes a darker turn than their previous work. Gorilla vs Bear is responsible for what will surely be the most-quoted comment for this track: “sounds like 2011’s stalker anthem”. If that’s true, then stalking sounds awesome.

Summer Camp Young EP Released

I mean really, how cute are they?

My favorite John Hughes-quoting chillwave duo Summer Camp released their Young EP on Monday through Moshi Moshi Records. It’s sweet and dreamy lo-fi at its best, with dialogue, lyrics, and themes from film classics circa 1985 (one song is called “Jake Ryan”–sound familiar, Sixteen Candles fans?). The EP is deliberately rough around the edges, but its reverb-drenched vocals are charming (if at times slightly flat), and its fuzzy production is delightful. If today’s autumn-tinged gloom is any indication, I’ll need the Young EP’s sunny summer nostalgia sooner rather than later.

Download the EP from Moshi Moshi here.

Track listing:
Round The Moon
Was It Worth It
Veronica Sawyer
Why Don’t You Stay
Ghost Train
Jake Ryan