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Creepy Songs of the Day: Videos from The Vaccines, Summer Camp

These two video releases make ‘slightly creepy’ look more than slightly appealing.

The Vaccines have released a video for “Norgaard” (above), their take on the age-old tale of dudes lusting for jail bait. My main take-away from this video is that everyone in it is extremely attractive (which may have been the point).

Summer Camp have given PledgeMusic-exclusive access to the video for “I Want You”, their fabulously dark stalker anthem. It’s in the same vein as their videos for “Ghost Train” and “Round the Moon”, using footage from cheesy 80s movies to great effect. This is hands-down the best so far, and I’d encourage you to take a gander here. And if you haven’t pledged yet, you now have an even better excuse.

Summer Camp Young EP Released

I mean really, how cute are they?

My favorite John Hughes-quoting chillwave duo Summer Camp released their Young EP on Monday through Moshi Moshi Records. It’s sweet and dreamy lo-fi at its best, with dialogue, lyrics, and themes from film classics circa 1985 (one song is called “Jake Ryan”–sound familiar, Sixteen Candles fans?). The EP is deliberately rough around the edges, but its reverb-drenched vocals are charming (if at times slightly flat), and its fuzzy production is delightful. If today’s autumn-tinged gloom is any indication, I’ll need the Young EP’s sunny summer nostalgia sooner rather than later.

Download the EP from Moshi Moshi here.

Track listing:
Round The Moon
Was It Worth It
Veronica Sawyer
Why Don’t You Stay
Ghost Train
Jake Ryan