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Matthew and the Atlas Have Disbanded?

I am heartbroken to announce that Matthew and the Atlas, a band that has become my favorite over the years, has disbanded. Things are still murky–it began yesterday morning with Facebook and WordPress posts that were quickly removed, but drummer Tommy Field left the below post on his other band’s Myspace.

Goodbye & Thank you to all “Matthew and the Atlas” fans

I’m very sad to announce that I’ve been released from my drumming duties for “Matthew and the Atlas”. With Harry Cargill leaving the band to start up his solo project, Matthew felt the band had progressed as far as it could in its current form and it was time for a change. Matthew will continue under the MATA name but as a solo performer for the time being – and I wish him all the best and I look forward to hearing his new material.

I’ve had a great time and seen some incredible places upon my travels – not to mention I’ve met some true lifelong friends and musicians on the way.

It has been a disappointing end to a road that showed a lot of promise and potential. I’d like to wish Matthew and all previous members of the band the best of luck with their future careers – having worked with them I know their talents will take them far under the correct guidance.

Thank you to every one who has supported and helped me along the way – in particular: Marcus, Win, Ben and Ted of “Mumford and Sons”. Zac Just our US tour manager. JL and Anke our US and European Booking Agents. “Big” Mike Harris of “The Apache Relay”. Helen, David, Shelby, Wes, Kristin and Joe of “The David Mayfield Parade”. Matt Oliver at The Big Orange Studio, Austin, TX. Sean and Phil of Daytrotter. Paul Frith. Mazin Tappuni. Jamie “The Crab” Emsell. Bob Wier and his amazing crew at Tri Studios and last but not least, all my friends and family.

If anyone has more information on this, please let me know. I and Matthew and the Atlas’s many other fans are devastated.

Matthew and the Atlas on Daytrotter

I just discovered this, but it was posted July 5th. Better late than never, eh? Check out the Daytrotter session for my beloved Matthew and the Atlas, which includes recordings of “To the North”, “I Will Remain”, “Come Out of the Woods”, and “Within the Rose”.

And while you’re at it, listen to the new Mumford & Sons track that’s been floating around, tentatively called “Home”: